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July 7, 2018

Bike Rides


The last month in pics

July 3, 2018

We have had a great month! I had a girl’s trip to Playa del Carmen that was AMAZING! (It was with two of my roomies from college.) I got home on Sunday and we went out to the Olympic Peninsula on Friday for a long weekend. We are off to Florida next week for our next adventure!

My loves:



Samuel is 2!!

May 21, 2018

My Dearest Samuel,

You bring so much joy to this crazy world. It is so fun to watch you get bigger and explore the world around you. We’ve learned that you are definitely lactose intolerant this last month, and you MAY have a dairy allergy. We’re still figuring it out. You are teaching us soo much! We had a couple of parties to celebrate you. At the first one, your buddies Isla and Henry were there along with Roan, Ollie, Declan and Jonen. After each present, you would shout, MINE and not let anyone touch it. You are so used to being the smallest around a lot of kiddos.

Sam Sam’s Talents:

  • You have crazy dexterous hands. You built a construction crane out of duplos before school the other day!! (Seattle has so much construction everywhere, Samuel is used to seeing cranes.)
  • You love going to for a walk at night. You walk over to your stroller and say “walk, walk”.
  • We are pretty sure you are left handed. You only eat and throw with your left hand.
  • This morning you were singing “happy birthday” to yourself and then tried to blow out a candle.
  • Amazing cuddler.
  • Love saying “mama, dada, bruhbruh” over and over.
  • Super social – has to say goodbye to everyone before he leaves school. If anyone is crying, Samuel rushes over with a hug.

We love you!!



May the 4th be with you!! (and the Mariners)

May 7, 2018

Super Lindseys!!

May 5, 2018

I thought it would be fun to think of all of us as super heroes. Below are our super strengths:

DadaThe power of calm! Give me an incredibly stressful situation and I will calm my way through it. Screaming? No problem. Biting? Cool as a cucumber. Coaching baseball? Never even raise my voice.

MamaThe power of attention! There is a crying child…how to stop them? Mama’s attention! There are some fighting children…how to stop them? Mama’s attention! A boo boo or a fall? Mama’s attention! Rough day at school? Mama’s attention! (Bran said my super power was running. I’m not sure about that, since I only do it once or twice a week.)

JonenThe power of baseball! (Jonen asked me to put this as his super power.) Who can hit the ball and get kudos from older kids and adults? Jonen! Who can play first base and actually get three outs? Jonen! Who can turn anything into a game of baseball? Jonen!

SamuelThe power of cuddling! (Jonen said his super power was biting. Ha ha!) Who wants cuddles anytime of day? Samuel! Who can attach hug his bruh bruh? Samuel! Who likes to hold hands? Samuel! Who would prefer to be held any time of day? Samuel!


Spring time 2018

April 4, 2018

Samuel is little Mr Independent. He wants to do things on his own…like getting in the car seat, climbing into his high chair (he puts a little chair next to the big chair and climbs in), and even trying to dress himself. He loves to bring us boxes of pasta and then goes and sits in his high chair like it is time to eat. He doesn’t understand the whole cooking time thing yet. His newest favorite words are up, down, 1, 2, 3, dump truck (or something that sounds very similar to that). He is so good at copying behavior. I went to give Jonen a high five and Jonen moved at the last minute, so I slapped his forehead. Now, that is the only way Samuel wants to do high fives. He is so funny!

Jonen brought home the joy of lice while Bran was in Virginia. There is nothing like head lice to bring a family together. I am still throwing coats and pillows in the dryer to make sure it is all gone. Jonen also missed his first day of school with a bit of a stomach virus. He puked in the am and then immediately asked me if could still go to baseball practice. Jonen has now had one baseball game and he actually caught the ball for two outs, AND he got two hits. Pretty good for being the second youngest on the team.


Jonen the teacher


Go Milwaukee Bears!


Protesting Gun Violence in Schools


The boys in their happy place

Whistler + 100th Day of Kindergarten

March 8, 2018

We really enjoyed our mid-Winter break trip to Vancouver/Whistler with our friends Malani, Jon and Maya. Jonen loved playing in the snow..the sledding and skiing. Samuel didn’t like the cold as much, but LOVED the hotel. He really enjoyed the pool and the curtains. It’s the little things, right? Bran and I loved having a week of play with the kiddos. When is the next vaca?

Updates from all of us:

Bran – He is the rock that keeps us all steady. He is usually the dinner planner/laundry folder that keeps us afloat. Spring frisbee starts in a couple of weeks, and Bran is going to coach the baseball team again this year.

Beth – Running a school/having three energetic men in my life is exhausting. I feel like I collapse in bed everyday by 10. I did manage to run the 15K over the weekend. There were LOTS of hills, but we did pretty well.

Jonen – 100 days of kindergarten celebration yesterday! He is doing so great. He LOVES Chinese now. He can say/draw a lot of words. He is also reading really well. He really wants to go to school everyday now (especially Tuesdays when he gets to “shop” for books.) We give him some free play in the am when he can get ready quickly, and he actually gets it most mornings.

Samuel – This little miracle! He has almost 100 days at preschool (he had a couple of sick days). He is actually getting a little reluctant to go to school this week. Normally, he just runs off and plays. He is learning so much! He had his first two word phrase, which was, “More pasta.” He wants to walk up and down the stairs like a big boy. He LOVES the playroom at our house and wants to go in there when he first wakes up. His favorite toys are trucks, buses, and he is starting to like dinosaurs. He says “ROAR!”

Some pics of our adventures: