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Fall is in the Air

September 14, 2017

There is definitely a crispness to the air now. I kinda love the coming of fall and the changing of the leaves. This fall has been a lot more change and excitement than necessary. My sister was almost flooded by Harvey, and then I watched the news as the eye of Irma passed over my dad’s house. Sam Sam’s birth mother had to evacuate as well. I just hope her house wasn’t flooded as well. Too many natural disasters in a very short time.

We also got a phone call one week prior to the start of kindergarten that Jonen got into the Mandarin immersion program at Beacon Hill. He had done Jump Start (half day kindergarten prep) at Thurgood, so we had to figure out if we should transfer him or not. The ultimate decider was getting to join the school with two of his closest friends, so we moved him. As you may know, Jonen is not good with change, so this week has been a challenge. He also started soccer, AND I signed him up for Japanese classes on Saturdays. We did this so he could hang with some of his Megumi buddies. Too much? Probably. He came up with the idea to create a sticker chart, where he gets stickers if he gets dressed and gets out the door on time without a tantrum. He gets to watch one Richard Scarry show for each sticker. Pretty proud of that one.

Our dearest Samuel, he is just so pleasant all day. He started his Spanish immersion preschool and is doing SUPER well. The teacher talks about how content he is all day. He is walking more now!! YEah! He can use a spoon and a fork. He loves yogurt so much, and his favorite food is definitely fruit. The teachers say he loves the food at school as well. (It looks really good.) We are pretty sure he is a leftie. He loves playing “catch” and always throws the ball with the left hand. The only problem is he wakes up all every two hours…crying and won’t calm himself down. I think it is because he is learning to walk and he is actually moving his legs like he is walking all night. We’re tired. We’ve had two nights of uninterrupted sleep in one month.

Let’s hope for some all the change to set in and settle at a new normal and for no more natural disasters aiming at our family.




NYC trip & Back to School

August 25, 2017

I can’t believe summer is almost over already! We had a very full summer. The boys will both be starting at new schools this fall. Samuel will go to his Spanish immersion preschool, and Jonen is at our neighborhood school. We’ve been prepping the boys for their transitions. Samuel got to go to Jonen’s preschool for 6 weeks, so he got used to being around lots of kiddos and transitioning to one nap a day. He loves it there and adjusted after a couple of weeks to the new routine. Jonen got to go to half day kindergarten this week. He was definitely nervous on Day 1 and seemed to have fun today.

We went to NYC a couple of weekends ago for my cousin’s wedding. It was really fun to see family and a new part of the world. The boys had a great time while we were there. Samuel did not do as well on the plane. He is in the strange sleep pattern now where he only wants to sleep while holding our hand or having us pat his back. It’s cute as he is going to sleep…it is rougher at 3 am when we are tired.

Samuel is soooo close to walking! He can hold onto one of our hands and walk pretty far. He said “Jo Jo” this am when he saw Jonen. Totally the highlight of my day.

Have a great weekend!

Jonen – 5 years old

August 1, 2017
My loves!

Jonen is 5!

My dearest Jonen,

How are you already 5? You make me so proud everyday. You are a very thoughtful, energetic, compassionate child. Your curiosity about the world around you helps me become more curious as well. Why did they put jellyfish into space in 1991? I don’t know, but let’s figure it out.

You love running, painting and singing at school. I love how much you sing! Your best friends are Declan, Max, Takeo, Vishy, Jhanavi, Kellan, Walkaboo (Elan) and Shun. You love learning all about baseball, space, and airplanes. Our next adventure takes us to kindergarten. We have gone twice to visit the library and for a play date. My plan is to take you into that building as much as possible to help with your big transition. I love that the first time we went into your new school, you told me how nervous you were. It takes a pretty big kid to realize an emotion they are feeling and to be able to verbalize it.

Thank you for being you! I can’t wait to see where our adventures continue to take us.

Love you sooo much!


P.S. Can you feel me hugging and kissing you right now?


Freezing Moments in Time

July 21, 2017

Do you know those moments in life where everything just feels right? I had one of them tonight with the boys. Bran plays frisbee on Thursday, so I get play time with the kids. Jonen was creating an airplane out of duplos and Samuel was just crawling around with purpose. Samuel did crawl over to me and bite my nose, but even that was just really funny. We read books, sang songs, and now they are up there “talking” while I relax a bit. In this moment, life is good.

Moments of bliss for the boys:

Samuel loves blueberries, climbing up the step stool and standing at the bathroom sink, making smacking sounds with his mouth, waving bye bye, laughing, and crawling super fast. This child is not very good at sleeping in places other than his bed. He did fall asleep in the pic below after a night of camping. I think we finally wore him out. Ha!

Jonen told me tonight that he wants to be a baseball player, a construction worker AND a scientist who writes a lot when he gets older.

Mexico, Visits, and More

June 23, 2017

We have had quite the month of June so far, and it is not even over. Highlights:

Mexico: It was so nice to have 10 days with my boys. The main take aways are Loreto is amazing, Samuel loves to wave at everyone as we walk down the street, and Jonen swam a lap in the pool! Traveling with the kiddos was really fun. Everyone treated us really well and wanted to play with them.  (We also had a repeat of Florida with Jonen throwing up one night and Samuel with some diaper rash. It seems like Jonen just ate way too much food and quickly recovered. Samuel also rebounded quickly and felt great by the time we were back in Seattle.)

Visits: Sam Sam’s birth mom got to come over and play with Samuel. It was so nice to see her and I am so happy that we are continuing to stay open in our adoption plan. Nana came out to visit to help with my first full week of work.

Preschool Graduation: Jonen did amazing and bowed and sang and did all the motions for the songs and graduated from Megumi. Brandon and I successfully sang a song in Japanese with all the other parents.

Austin: I am now on a business trip in Austin, Texas. It is my first time away from Samuel. I fly out first thing in the am and am sooo excited to see everyone. There are direct flights to Austin, and this city is sooo great that I definitely want to bring the kids next time.

Next week, we have NOTHING on our agenda and I am soooo excited for a bit of down time!



Pictures that make me happy…enjoy!

May 28, 2017

Sam Sam’s one year stats:

  • 20 lbs 12 oz
  • 30″ long

Samuel Elias’ Resume at 1

May 20, 2017

First off, I have to tell a bit of my story, I have two sets of parents. I have birth parents and my parents I live with, both sets of these parents are “real”. It is strange when people ask who are my “real” parents, because they are all real people.

Having two sets of parents makes holidays a little bittersweet, and we try to honor my entire family on these special occasions. Like today, we’re having sushi because that is my birth mom’s favorite food. Some people might not understand our situation, but I think the most important thing to realize is that I am loved by lots of people.

Newly Acquired Skills:
Clapping (the first time was at Jonen’s tee ball practice), waving hello and goodbye, kissing the baby looking at me in the mirror or oven, cuddling with stuffed animals..saying words that sound like, “yeah”, “daddy” and “this”

Areas of Interest:
Traveling – I’m headed to Mexico soon! I’ve already had 2 cross country trips and one trip to Canada.
Throwing Food – I am really great at the food toss, especially when I am done eating.
People Watching – I check everyone out in a room. I make eye contact. I like to stay close to mom, dad or Jonen, but I love looking at new people.
Dancing – I am good at busting out my dance moves when a good song comes on the radio. I love Casper Babypants right now.