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A Day in the Life (11 weeks)

October 14, 2012

I thought I would share an average day in Jonen’s life.  All has been going really well until this week.  Jonen and I both got a cold, but we are now on the mend.   I learned how to use the NoseFrida.  I never thought I would actually suck snot out of someone else’s nose.  I also never thought that I would catch his spit up with my bare hands, and I willingly do that as well.

Anyway…here is how Jonen, Brandon and I spend our time (I’m omitting all the feedings, but that happens every 2-3 hours.):

7:00ish – Wake up time! Beth takes a shower while Brandon plays with baby.  (We started this on day 1.  The shower is my personal time for the day.)

Daddy and Jonen catching some zzzzz.

8:30ish – Jonen’s first of many naps during the day.  He loves his sleep, and takes a 2 hour nap in the am and afternoon with a one hour nap around lunch.  Most babys his age sleep about 16 hours per day.

10:30 – Playtime!!  Jonen is super good at tummy time now.  He even rolled over somehow last week.  I made him cry with all my clapping and yelling.  He has not attempted it again.  We always make time for singing, reading, and dancing everyday.

Tummy Time!

1:00ish – Hang out with a friend/outing of some sort.  We try to visit a friend a couple of days a week.  Jonen does not even know the amount of play dates he has had so far.

This my buddy Roan. We hang out all the time.

This is Simon and me taking a nap.

Lunch time at the Ballard Locks.

5:00 – Daddy comes home to play with baby. I talk about Daddy a lot during the day.  We even explore the house playing a “Where’s Daddy?” game.

Reading Time!

9:00 – The bedtime routine begins with a warm sponge bath.  It is this whole spa routine that Bran and I have adapted.  There is a bit of a coconut oil massage involved.   Jonen is usually out by 10:00 or so.

Thanks for the massage, Mama! I promise to sleep better tonight.

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