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Fun Pics (12 weeks)

October 24, 2012

Just thought I would share a brief update.  Jonen knows where his hands are..and they are mostly in his mouth!  He likes to blow bubbles and suck on his lower lip now, too.   He probably weighs 15 pounds now…when I weighted him last Tuesday he was 14 pounds 6 ounces.  He is going to double his birth weight in 3 months!!  He still loves music.  Our way to get him to sleep is to dance to some instrumental bluegrass music (Bela Fleck, Dave Grisman Band, or Alison Krauss) and he is out in 5-10 minutes.  Good exercise for mama!   He has been getting up once a night most nights now.  It is so much better for Bran and I.

Our cutie is just growing and growing.  Enjoy these pics:

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  1. Jillayne Colbert permalink
    October 25, 2012 12:29 am

    The last picture he looks like Gavin a little. 🙂

  2. Darlene/Mom permalink
    October 25, 2012 3:05 am

    What a beautiful grandbaby you are Jonen. Yes, I believe I would stare at him and hold him all the time too. Brandon and Bethany keep up the great job…Jonen your Halloween is coming in the mail Love Grandma Darlene and Grandpa Rod

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