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8 Months – Trip to New Orleans

April 7, 2013

Traveling? Jonen is great on the plane!  We have gotten a compliment on every flight about how amazing it is that Jonen doesn’t fuss during the flight.    He tried some delicious food in Nola…how could we deny him any of the lovely southern food?  He had some okra, white beans, and fresh strawberries.  Sleep during our trip was another story.  He did not sleep well at all.  The little guy prefers his bed and a very cool room.  Wow…we have such a Pacific Northwest lil man.  Now that we are home, we are all finally getting some rest!  (12 hours straight last night!!)

Moving?  He is getting to be such a little mover.  We have a little backwards crawling going on now.  He found himself almost under our dresser this morning.  He also loves to scoot around.  He walks around our little foot stool all the time now!  He is starting to become more mobile.

Talking?  Yes, a little of that as well.  He said mama for about two days.  Now he is doing “b” and “l” sounds instead.  He says bob a lot.  Not really sure what that means, but it is cute!

It was so nice to see so much family in March. We loved having all the help and support. We are so not used to it that we don’t even know how to ask for help.  Brandon and I going out together past 8:00 at night was pretty spectacular as well as sleeping in until 9.  I didn’t even know those things could exist anymore.  Anyone want to come to Seattle to play with Jonen?  We have an extra room. 🙂

IMG_2581 IMG_2561 IMG_2534 IMG_2526 IMG_2585

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  1. Darlene/Mom permalink
    April 7, 2013 7:18 pm

    Love it! Love it!! FAMILY .. nothing better. I love all the pictures of Jonen Lindsey’s family.
    Enjoy!! Making wonderful memories. Love Mom/Grandma

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