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Mama’s Worries

May 8, 2014

I’ve kinda promised myself that I would write this embarrassing post…some of the things I’ve worried about since we’ve had Jonen:

ONE MONTH – Jonen gaining too much weight in his first month home. Yep.  I thought my baby whose only goal to gain weight was gaining too much.

TWO MONTHS – Taking him to the ER when he had a fever AFTER vaccines AFTER they told us he would have a fever.  I made the mistake of watching one of those scary movies about how bad vaccines are and got myself worked up in a tizzy.

SEVEN MONTHS – I thought Jonen might not crawl and go straight to walking.  He was cruising all the time and just didn’t seem interested in crawling, but then of course all was fine.

EIGHTEEN MONTHS – I was all worried that Jonen was autistic because he didn’t always respond to his name and I thought he wasn’t talking that much.  Of course, I read up and knew that you can diagnose as early as 18 months.  SO I went to Jonen’s wellness check up and the doctor basically laughed at me.  She told me he makes excellent eye contact and talks ALOT for his age.  So….all is good.

NOW – I’m kinda worried Jonen will be short.  He is consistently in the 60th percentile for height, but he just doesn’t seem that tall when compared with other boys his age.  SO I’m hoping this worry is just as silly as all the ones before and totally unwarranted.

AND I LOVE THIS KIDDO!!  We had a Mama and Jonen night tonight. (Bran is at the Sounders game.) We ate sandwiches, listened to music, danced around and played catch.  Just super fun!  Did you read that?  Jonen can catch a ball! He also started jumping.  He likes to play “soccer” and yell GOAL!!

I’m totally in love with my boys and I will try to quit worrying so much….until the next month.  HA!!

Jonen's First Year

Jonen’s First Year






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  1. Dorena permalink
    May 8, 2014 3:06 pm

    Maybe he will be short that is a gene problem not everyone can be like you and me taller than everyone else.

  2. Darlene/ Mom/ Grandma permalink
    May 9, 2014 12:03 am

    Bethany, you are a normal Mama. Mom’s that love their babies always worry, but, as you have learned it’s always solved and Jonen is “Great” and “Normal” Your know your Uncle Vernon well he was always shorter and now he is a 6’2″. Honey, he is fine and as long as he’s healthy that’s all that matters!!! Give Hugs and love to your MEN. Happy Mother’s Day! And you are a Perfect Mom!!! God bless you. Love Mom

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