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Our lil man is 22 months old!

June 5, 2014

Jonen is talking more and more and notices more than we do.  He loves to sing and dance and draw and is just such a blessing in our life.  He is sleeping really well as long as he has his puppy book (The Pokey Little Puppy) and his animals in bed with him.  We LOVE that.

Some highlights from past month:

Grandpa came to visit! – Dad came out and we went to Snoqualmie Falls, Pike Place Market, Seward Park, the Play Garden, and the Japanese Garden. He helped us install two ceiling fans (Jonen’s new favorite household item.)  Bran’s favorite part was Dad digging out the other ugly bush we wanted removed. It was really nice to see Jonen let Dad hold him after a day.  I think they got along pretty well! We welcome visitors anytime!

First Mariner’s Game this Year – Jonen enjoyed his first garlic fries and baseball game of the year.  He watched all the kids around us and was thoroughly entertained the entire game. He now talks about throwing and catching baseballs.

Fun Outdoors/Play Dates – We went to the Kubota Garden for the first time.  It is a Japanese inspired garden with native northwest plants. Super cool city park in Seattle. We hooked up the bike trailer and have had a couple of rides.  We went to Vashon Island for the first time and it is beautiful.  Jonen loved the ferry ride and kept saying, “Fun, Fun!” Jonen has a pretty active social life.  In the last month we have had play dates with: Roan, Oliver, Abram, Caleb, Marin, Mikaela, Logan, Amalia, Olivia, and Max.  The highlight was probably going to the park with Max and seeing a FIRE TRUCK run a drill where they sprayed water and had on all the gear.  Jonen keeps talking about it to this day. (Max was so excited he fell asleep in his mom’s arms in the 5 minute walk back to our house.)

OH!  Jonen and I have an excellent recipe for Morning Glory Muffins as well.  Let me know if you would like us to share.

As always, some pics:

Memorial Day Picnic

Memorial Day Picnic

My boys!

My boys!

Got some skills!

Got some skills!

Happy boy!

Happy boy!

Ready for take off!

Ready for take off!

Vacuuming the tree...loves to "clean" the outdoors!

Vacuuming the tree…loves to “clean” the outdoors!

Fire Truck

Fire Truck!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Dorena permalink
    June 5, 2014 12:48 pm

    Boy he is growing up fast. Thanks for the great pictures.

  2. Darlene (Mom) permalink
    June 6, 2014 1:46 am

    Bethany wonderful pictures! I love this site, Jonen is growing up so fast. Jonen is pretty Awesome. Glad your Dad got to come out and see Jonen. Tell your boys “Hi” from us.
    Love Gma and Gpa. Mom

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