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Life is worth living.

September 2, 2014

My Grandma Louise passed away on August 20th. It is just all too real that she is no longer walking the earth. I know she is in a better place, but I still miss her!  Jonen will no longer get to hear her tell him how he is a “dandy” and how he should pick a career where there is a demand and he has interest. I was in Southern Illinois for 4 days with Dad and Jill for the funeral. We saw the stars and stayed out at Grandma’s house. It was such a surreal experience. We used to go there for weekends every month, but the house was not the same. It was like someone hit the pause button, but it wasn’t going to get reset. Jill, Dad, and I went through her pictures to create a slideshow, and she lived life! It was not always easy, but she found her way. (That just so happens to be grandma’s marital’s not always easy, but you always have love.) Life…it can get so real sometimes.

I just LOVE my grandparents. I was very blessed to have wonderful matriarchs in my family and now they are both gone. One of the things I loved most when we had Jonen is that I get to be a grandparent. (I guess it will be a little while, but I know it will be fun.) Jonen still has 3 great grandparents still living. We are also talking about his grandparents and showing him pics all the time now. He asks for grandma, grandpa, papa and nana. I want to make sure he gets to know and love his grandparents as much as I got to know and love mine.

It has been rough, but in order to keep grandma’s spirit alive Jonen and I are baking! We made a Chocolate Sheet Cake for our camping trip, I make her rolls at Christmas and Thanksgiving, and. I’m going to make her potato candy tomorrow. Jonen was actually looking at cookbooks tonight and talking about making fish. My cooking will never be as good as her’s, but I will just keep at it! 

Since the funeral, I went to church in East St. Louis with Micha (just waiting for the plane after saying by to Jill and Dad). We then said goodbye to our exchange students Rei and Keita. They were here a month and are now back in Japan. We went for our last camp trip of the year to Marrowstone, and Jonen kayaked for the first time. Whew. I’m pretty exhausted and we’re headed to Stanford next week for Bran’s work conference. 

Funny Jonenisms:

  • Me:What do they say in Argentina? Jonen: GOAL!!!
  • Jonen is asking for “crumpets” and “bagels” for breakfast. Just funny to hear a two year old say crumpet.
  • “I love you mama! I love you dada!” – MY FAVORITE!!

Lake Washington

Lake Washington after work 

Play date at the zoo with Daddy while Mama was in IL.

Play date at the zoo with Daddy while Mama was in IL.

First time Kayaking!

First time Kayaking!

Making Great-Grandma's sheet cake

Making Great-Grandma’s sheet cake

Micha and Mira!

Micha and Mira!

Grandma love!

Grandma love!

Rei, Keita and Jonen on our way to Mt Rainer for camping

Rei, Keita and Jonen on our way to Mt Rainier for camping





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  1. Kristin permalink
    September 2, 2014 3:18 pm

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother. Glad you’re finding ways to honor her memory and share your memories with little Jonen.

  2. Rose Hardiman permalink
    September 2, 2014 5:25 pm

    Dear Beth –
    My deepest sympathy! Praying that God will comfort you during this difficult time. You are blessed to be part of a close knit family and to have Jonen to pass on that legacy.

    Blessings as always – Rose

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    Rose Hardiman | Staff Accountant

    301 NE 100TH St. Suite 102
    Seattle WA 98125
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    Happiness is a way of travel not a destination – Roy Goodman
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  3. Dorena permalink
    September 2, 2014 8:24 pm

    Jonan is getting so big and he is only 2 years old. You might have a great chef on your hands Jill keep up the good work. Where do the exchange students come in to play? Thanks for the pics. Sorry for your loss your right grandparents are important. I know your mom adores your son and feels really bad because you all live so far apart.

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