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Happy November 1st!

November 1, 2014

Trying to think of a good October recap…I guess I will focus on the positive aspects of the month.

Jonen is now using Japanese pretty frequently. He told me today that he was “atsui”(hot), and he didn’t need a jacket. That is such a great thing about this age, Jonen can pretty much communicate. He is actually fun at dinner now. We talk about our days! His new best bud’s name is Shuntaro. They are pretty inseparable at school and just mimic each other all day.

We started our second attempt at swim lessons. It is a much warmer pool, and the first lesson was great. Jonen really enjoyed it. He participated much more than he ever has at soccer. I don’t know it if is the shorter time frame or what, but he was so excited to “swim”. He has already packed his bag for this week’s lesson, and it’s not until Tuesday!

Ha is our latest exchange student, and she is here for a month. Ha is from Vietnam and works for Peace Trees. It is a great organization to help those whose lives are threatened by explosives left over from the war. She is about our age, so she actually helps around the house! She was even able to help us carve our pumpkins.

Along with Jonen’s amazing communication now, he has tantrums. Like a child possessed, nothing we can do about it tantrums. Ugh. There was a stretch where he had a major breakdown 4 days in a row. It happened to coincide with Ha’s arrival. I was worried she would turn us in for child abuse because Jonen was LOSING it. (She doesn’t have kids and kept asking me what was wrong. I was like…I took him out of the shower.) Yesterday, the tantrum was because Mama JJ (Jonen calls me that now…not sure where that is from) would not by Jonen a digger from the drug store. Wow. I explained we don’t get toys except for birthdays and Christmas. Then last night trick or treating, he got all kinds of toys. Parenting moment FAIL.

As for Halloween, we went back to the magical Seattle neighborhood that closes down the street for trick or treating. They pass out toys (and some candy) to the kiddos and adult beverages for the adults. It is such a great place that we will definitely be back next year. Jonen didn’t like some of the costumes and was a little scared, but he managed to “trick or treat” three houses. (Jonen decided to be a fireman at his friend Declan’s party last weekend, but wanted to be a pirate for Halloween. Silly kiddo!  No cute fireman pics though. Sorry!)

I want to close in memory of one of my students, Lisa Bersten. She died at the base of Mt Everest this week. She was on the adventure of her life, and leaves behind a daughter and a husband. Here is the blog she was writing about her trip. One of the things she always talked about was getting outside for 10 minutes a day and how that will always make you feel better, so I encourage you to do that in her memory.

Some pics:

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving

The Phillps and Cavanaughs do much better coordination...hmmm..

The Phillps and Cavanaughs do much better coordination…hmmm..

Jhoni and Vishal

Jhoni and Vishal

A gorilla, pirate and hippie are walking down the street...

A gorilla, pirate and hippie are walking down the street…



Jonen wanted a train, so I made it happen!

Jonen wanted a train, so I made it happen!

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  1. Dorena Davis permalink
    November 9, 2014 12:55 am

    Great pics looks like a good Halloween; sounds like Jonen doesn’t like all the extra people taking up mom and dad’s time.

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