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Happy Potty Days…whoops Holidays!

December 2, 2015

Sorry, Jonen, this will embarrass your greatly someday, but we are so proud!

November…the month of birthdays, Nana’s visit, Thanksgiving, and peeing in the potty! WOOHOO!!

We finally had more than 3 days off of work in a row. So we had lots of time at the house and lots of time sitting on the potty. Jonen is now peeing on the regular. He even peed in a restaurant last night, so we can finally leave the house! This is a great step for us.

Of course, we did fun things outside the bathroom as well. Jonen, Nana and Daddy rode a train to Vancouver Canada while Mama drove. We ate lots of delicious food and then came home to eat a lot more delicious food for Thanksgiving. OH! AND we discovered that the swimming lessons are paying off (even through all the tears). Jonen was floating on his back and swimming in the pool at the hotel in Vancouver! All great parenting wins!!

Funny Jonenisms:

  • He says grills instead of girls.
  • I cannunt instead of I can’t
  • I willn’t instead of I won’t.

We love it all! Happy Holidays!


Happy Thanksgiving!


Riding the water taxi!


Walking with Nana


Reading a book on the train


Trimming the tree


Racing Daddy!


Playing with Mikeala and an acorn hat!




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