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April in like a Lion

April 10, 2016

Wow, it has been a jam packed month. I feel like I always say that, but it is true. We have spent a lot of time hiking and enjoying nature. Jonen went on his longest hike ever of 4 miles. He rocked it! We have him tell us stories while he walks. He was telling us all about the woodwalkers. It’s pretty funny to get him going, cause he tells a crazy tale. The woodwalkers have to have nets on their shoes and all kinds of other fun facts.

Brandon and Jonen are at their first baseball game of the season as I write this (see pic below). We have also been hanging out with friends a lot (at the art museum, boating, riding bikes, etc.) I just threw my friend a surprise birthday party last night as well. Jonen has been playing lots of baseball and has learned how to dribble a basketball while running. As always, we are pretty impressed with this lil man.

We have also had a bit of movement on the adoption front. We have been asked to show our profile to two expectant parents in the last two weeks. Eek. I hope this all goes very smoothly for us, so keep praying for an easy process.

Some highlights:



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