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Samuel at One Month!

June 22, 2016

Wow. What a month! I looked back at what I said about Jonen and one month and can actually use the same things I said for Sam Sam (Jonen’s nickname for Samuel). This is what I wrote for Jonen with some edits: “Samuel is doing all kinds of fun things now…like trying to hold his head up and staying awake for longer periods of time and sleeping for some 3 hour stretches (couldn’t say that for Jonen)!! He is learning numbers in English, French, Spanish and Japanese (totally a joke..we don’t speak French). He loves to go outside and take baths. I think he would like long walks on the beach, too! He doesn’t like the New England Patriots. His hair is thick and full like Eli Manning’s (Jonen was more of a Peyton guy). He will get to go to his first baseball game this week and watch the Cardinals play the Mariners! (Jonen went to a game at 3 weeks…Samuel will be five weeks.)” He is growing so fast! He is up to 8 pounds 15 ounces. He has grown nearly 2 inches in length and his head has almost grown two inches as well!

Jonen is great at checking on Samuel every morning. He comes in the room and asks how Samuel is doing. He wants to hold him about five times a day as well. Jonen also had his preschool graduation. He moves up from the Panda class to Zo (elephant) next year! He is loving the big brother thing. He gets presents and even better, the presents come in boxes. We make space ships, dump trucks and all kinds of interesting things out of the boxes. If you can’t think of anything to send, just put a box on our front porch. Jonen will add it to his “collection.”

Here are some pics  (We’ve taken about 1,000 or so…):

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  1. Darlene/Mom/ Grandmother permalink
    June 26, 2016 7:49 pm

    Oh, Lindsey Family! You all are beautiful! Bethany and her handsome men! Bethany you are blessed beyond measure!!! Brandon and Bethany I am so happy and proud for you all. Thank you Bethany for sharing pictures of the feet!!! Your Mother loves feet!!! Thank you Bethany for sharing the special moments in pictures. Love you all, Mom and Rodney Grandma and Grandpa

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