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Samuel is 3 months!

August 23, 2016


My dearest Samuel,

You are the sweetest baby. You are so mellow that I actually asked your doctor if you cry enough. She said you were just a super content baby. You have this group of people who absolutely love you. We are so appreciative of your birth parents, especially your amazing birth mom. I am thankful for her every single day. I cannot believe that we have only known about you since April 28th, about 4 months, and I cannot imagine our life without you.

You LOVE to smile and coo. It is so cute, you “talk” to people and the little animals on your activity mat and chair. Your favorites are the owl and fire fly, you coo so much when you see them.

You are starting to accidentally grab things now. It is so funny when you end up with the ring toy in your hand, you look so surprised. You have a great stretch of sleep from the time you go down (around 9) until about 2 o’clock. You then wake up every 2-3 hours until about 7 am.

This path to becoming your parents has been so surreal and it was all worth it. Here is a link to a bit about our path. The two that are my favorites are #9 (finalization occurred on August 12th!!) and #11 could not be more true.(We were extremely blessed to only wait four months for a match when most couples have to wait at least a year.) A couple of my favorite moments recently:

  • Anytime you smile. It is just such a cute toothless picture of joy.
  • Jonen and I discovered we can hold up books and have you “read”
  • Jonen watches you the entire way to preschool and sings to you.

Sam Sam, we love you so much. I hope you will continue to explore more of the world around you and become a strong, confident boy.

Lots of love,


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