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Tummy Time & Bike Riding

September 13, 2016

I just looked through the last couple of weeks of photos, and it can be summed up with tummy time for Samuel and bike riding for Jonen. As a family, we had one night of camping and a meeting with Samuel’s birth mama. It was really nice to get outside and spend some time along the Hood Canal (Scenic Beach State Park). It was really nice to meet up with Samuel’s tummy mummy as well. I enjoy reconnecting with her when she is in town. It is just such an amazing/unique relationship that we are cultivating.

I am adjusting to life as an unemployed person looking for a new job (send me some part time work). I was laid off at the beginning of August when my school got acquired by another school and they moved the headquarters from Seattle to San Francisco. It is kind of nice to actually be paid to stay at home with Samuel, and I am starting to figure out next steps.

I knew this career change was coming, so I actually kept Jonen home three days a week in August. We had Mama/Jonen school and Jonen learned how to write his name, all the upper case and lower case letters and their sounds, his numbers and we had so much fun doing it! I cannot believe how easily he learned everything. It was like his brain was just ready to do it at this time. He already knows hiragana (one of the Japanese alphabets), I just wanted to make sure he learned some English as well. He is in Pre-K this year, so he will learn it all before Kindergarten…I just gave him a head start.

Some pics of our adventures:


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  1. Darlene/Mom/ Grandmother permalink
    September 14, 2016 10:01 am

    Love this! Thank you Bethany and Brandon for the beautiful pictures!!! Love Mom/Grandma

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