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November 1, 2016

November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween!!

Fall is always a transitional time for us. Brandon and I both started work in Seattle in November nine years ago! We started the adoption process on October 27th, 2015. We just make major life decisions in the fall for some reason.

I went in for the brief orientation yesterday and have my first full day at work tomorrow. Eek!! We are trying out a couple of different nanny shares for Samuel. They both live in Columbia City, which is on the way to Jonen’s preschool. They are both really nice women who are also watching 2 year old kiddos. That process has taken up so much of my brain space that I haven’t even thought about my new job at all.

We’ve had a soggy fall for the most part. It has rained record amounts in Seattle this October, and we had a wet trick or treating experience last night. We had a family costume of the Cat in the Hat characters. This was Jonen’s idea when we were in Florida meeting Samuel, and it became a reality last night. Pretty fun to see our family come together. Samuel (the fish) slept through the entire time on Trick or Treat street. Jonen was a little freaked out by all the skeletons and said he had enough candy and that it was time to leave. Ha ha!!

Some pics of our recent adventures:


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