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November 13, 2016

I have been debating if I should write anything here about the election, and I realized I have to. This will be my only political post, but I have to do it. Brandon and I have worked the last 9 years in environmental and social justice. These are our values. The new president has the ability to create so much divisiveness and can potentially undo a lot of really good community work that benefits all of us. If this were McCain or Romney or anyone that was remotely qualified, I would be fine with the results. I would have been sad, but they have actual experience. You might think, the election is over…get over it. If you think that, you have probably never have had to fear violence against you that the government condones. I grew up in the Midwest where racism and sexism are rampant. I had members of my class in high school walk out on lessons of World War II because they said the Holocaust never happened. I have to protect my boys from that type of ignorance, and it is now when the real work has to begin.

I am a mom. Every day I tell Jonen to be kind and gentle with his friends.Samuel has so much love for the world…he just looks into everyone’s eyes until he forces you to smile. Samuel is Latino, his birth parents are Mexican American. (Yes, they and their families are here legally.I am annoyed that I know I have to write that to provide clarity on the situation.)  We have a Latino friend who served in the military and is now asking himself how he can love a country that doesn’t love him.  I won’t stand for sexist, racist or xenophobic behavior. Unfortunately, the new leader of our country has exhibited all of that atrocious behavior. I have talked to people who are genuinely afraid that they will be deported or that if they took a trip to visit their families they wouldn’t be able to return return to America, even though they have as much legal right to be here as I do. There are actually travel warnings for Muslims to not come to the United States now due to the increase in hate crimes. It is sickening.(There are more hate crimes after this election than there were after America was attacked on 9/11.)

So what do I want to accomplish by posting this? I would love it if you could reach out to people of color in your community, to immigrants and refugees and ensure them that it will be okay. We are a county that loves more than it hates. We are a welcoming country. I have to live in a country that offers similar opportunities to both of my sons.


Christmas Wish List:

Donations to ReWa in Jonen and Samuel’s name.

Toys or books– We really don’t need much.


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  1. Darlene/Mom/ Grandmother permalink
    November 13, 2016 7:20 pm

    Love the Lindseys!!! Mom/Grandma

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