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A Wonderful Mess – 8 Months

January 24, 2017

I love my boys. Brandon, Jonen and Samuel are by far the best things that have ever happened to me, and I am so blessed that we are a family. Recently, I had a friend tell me that we seem perfect. I almost spit coffee out my nose. Believe me, we are FAR from perfect. Facebook, Instagram and even this blog are cherished moments that I really want to capture, but they do not fully show who we are as a family. Please realize that as you are swooning over how well some other family seems to be handling it all, they are only showing a snapshot of a much larger picture. The day to day can be challenging. Being a parent can be hard. Living far away from family can be hard. Cutting back on my workload to spend time with our kids has been a financial adjustment, and I could not imagine our life any other way. I will highlight some of our low points below, just so you can realize how amazingly human we are.

Last week, we were sick. Samuel and I definitely had the flu. Luckily, Jonen and Brandon had a milder version. I could barely function, and I’m still not 100%. Each day all I could think of was to make sure to make and clean bottles for Samuel. I had no appetite, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t stop coughing…it was HORRIBLE! We couldn’t leave the house for 5 days. We didn’t even have the strength to develop cabin fever. Being sick sucked and now I have some laundry to do.

Some of our funnier low points:

  • Samuel figured out how to pull my shirt out and spit up down my shirt. He did this three days in a row earlier in the week.
  • Jonen learned how to take off his own diaper when he was a year old. I put him down with JUST a diaper on one warm summer day. After his nap, I realized he had spread poop all around his crib. After that incident, I always put pants on him during nap.
  • Jonen rarely gets sick, but one time he came home from school early with a stomach bug. I had the reflexes to catch Jonen’s puke rather than have it end up all over the carpet.
  • Getting out the door in the morning by 8…ha ha. That is always funny.

Some of our fun points over the past month:

  • Samuel got to see snow for the first time. (We have so many pics!! I would have to share our google album.)
  • Jonen went skiing for the first time. (Again…lots of pics.)
  • The boys are sleeping in the same room! We put them down at the same time and we have now had at least 2 maybe even 3 full nights of sleep. (No pics needed…pure bliss. Thanks for the hedgehog, Dad! It is working!!)
  • Samuel “talks” now with using ba, ma, and la sounds. He also twirls his wrists when he wants to be picked up.
  • Jonen has made up a language that he calls “Spanish”. It sounds very much like Japanese. He says something in his language and then asks us what it means. For some reason, this is so irritating to me. Bran finds it amusing.

Basically, we’re humans with lots of love for one another. I’m loving my Jonen, Samuel and Mama days. I especially love nap time. Ha ha!!

Just a couple of pics this month:


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