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Blackberry Blond – 10 months

March 23, 2017

10 months

If you know me, you know that I have never referred to myself as a red head. For some reason, this was something I reacted very negatively about as a child, so I have always referred to myself as strawberry blond or ginger. Well…Jonen loves calling himself strawberry blond as well and he has decided that Daddy and Samuel are blackberry blonds. I love his creativity. He has so many other funny sayings that we have now grown accustomed to them and don’t realize how silly they are.

Samuel is now on the move! He has been crawling like a pro for about a week. He is so much happier now that he can move forward. He kept getting stuck when he could only crawl backward. He is also communicating. He has done some baby sign language for food. He has his own sign for bottle, which is to stick his entire hand in his mouth and look you directly in the eyes. It’s pretty funny. He is getting much more interactive. He shakes his head no,”talks,” and gives kisses.

Jonen had his first tee ball practice last night with the Cleveland Cubs. I accidentally signed us up to co-coach, and I have to say that our first practice was pretty great. We worked with the kiddos on throwing and catching. There are 13 kids on the team. Jonen was so excited to tell us everything that happened even though we were there coaching. Samuel loved watching the big kids run around as well.

The boys in their happy places:

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  1. Darlene/Mom/ Grandmother permalink
    April 1, 2017 8:36 am

    Bethany, love your comments!! Boys are growing up so fast. Can’t wait to see Jonen in his uniform. Hi Brandon and boys. Love to you all Mom

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