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Samuel Elias’ Resume at 1

May 20, 2017

First off, I have to tell a bit of my story, I have two sets of parents. I have birth parents and my parents I live with, both sets of these parents are “real”. It is strange when people ask who are my “real” parents, because they are all real people.

Having two sets of parents makes holidays a little bittersweet, and we try to honor my entire family on these special occasions. Like today, we’re having sushi because that is my birth mom’s favorite food. Some people might not understand our situation, but I think the most important thing to realize is that I am loved by lots of people.

Newly Acquired Skills:
Clapping (the first time was at Jonen’s tee ball practice), waving hello and goodbye, kissing the baby looking at me in the mirror or oven, cuddling with stuffed animals..saying words that sound like, “yeah”, “daddy” and “this”

Areas of Interest:
Traveling – I’m headed to Mexico soon! I’ve already had 2 cross country trips and one trip to Canada.
Throwing Food – I am really great at the food toss, especially when I am done eating.
People Watching – I check everyone out in a room. I make eye contact. I like to stay close to mom, dad or Jonen, but I love looking at new people.
Dancing – I am good at busting out my dance moves when a good song comes on the radio. I love Casper Babypants right now.


2 Comments leave one →
  1. Lelia F permalink
    May 21, 2017 12:51 pm

    Happy birthday Samuel! Being loved by lots of people is the best! I can’t wait to see you and Jonen playing!!

  2. Becca Gillam permalink
    June 15, 2017 12:58 pm

    Happy Birthday Samuel!

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