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Mexico, Visits, and More

June 23, 2017

We have had quite the month of June so far, and it is not even over. Highlights:

Mexico: It was so nice to have 10 days with my boys. The main take aways are Loreto is amazing, Samuel loves to wave at everyone as we walk down the street, and Jonen swam a lap in the pool! Traveling with the kiddos was really fun. Everyone treated us really well and wanted to play with them.  (We also had a repeat of Florida with Jonen throwing up one night and Samuel with some diaper rash. It seems like Jonen just ate way too much food and quickly recovered. Samuel also rebounded quickly and felt great by the time we were back in Seattle.)

Visits: Sam Sam’s birth mom got to come over and play with Samuel. It was so nice to see her and I am so happy that we are continuing to stay open in our adoption plan. Nana came out to visit to help with my first full week of work.

Preschool Graduation: Jonen did amazing and bowed and sang and did all the motions for the songs and graduated from Megumi. Brandon and I successfully sang a song in Japanese with all the other parents.

Austin: I am now on a business trip in Austin, Texas. It is my first time away from Samuel. I fly out first thing in the am and am sooo excited to see everyone. There are direct flights to Austin, and this city is sooo great that I definitely want to bring the kids next time.

Next week, we have NOTHING on our agenda and I am soooo excited for a bit of down time!



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  1. Darlene/Mom/ Grandmother permalink
    August 12, 2017 2:53 am

    Love this little family

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