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Freezing Moments in Time

July 21, 2017

Do you know those moments in life where everything just feels right? I had one of them tonight with the boys. Bran plays frisbee on Thursday, so I get play time with the kids. Jonen was creating an airplane out of duplos and Samuel was just crawling around with purpose. Samuel did crawl over to me and bite my nose, but even that was just really funny. We read books, sang songs, and now they are up there “talking” while I relax a bit. In this moment, life is good.

Moments of bliss for the boys:

Samuel loves blueberries, climbing up the step stool and standing at the bathroom sink, making smacking sounds with his mouth, waving bye bye, laughing, and crawling super fast. This child is not very good at sleeping in places other than his bed. He did fall asleep in the pic below after a night of camping. I think we finally wore him out. Ha!

Jonen told me tonight that he wants to be a baseball player, a construction worker AND a scientist who writes a lot when he gets older.

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  1. Becca Gillam permalink
    July 26, 2017 2:21 am

    They look so cute! I am glad you are all doing well!

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