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The Sun is Shining in Seattle!

February 12, 2018

We just had an insanely busy week last week. I had to work late 4 nights, and Bran had to work late one. It is so nice after a week like that to sit back and reflect on what is working well and how nice it is to be over! We also have mid-winter break next week and will head up to Vancouver and Whistler, so that helps! (I now actually have the mental space to think about the trip and even pack!)

Bran and I got to have TWO dates in the past 4 weeks. We went to see Pod Save America‘s live show. Best podcast ever…well, I love it and it is the only one I have time to listen to, so it must be the best. We also got to see the play Two Trains Running by August Wilson. It was an amazing performance that I can’t stop thinking about.

My goals for 2018 are to run in a couple of races and read 24 books. I’m up to 3 books so far and did a 6 mile run yesterday. It has been hard rehabbing from a knee injury with 7 weeks off. I really want to run the Hot Chocolate 15K on March 3rd, so I’ve got to keep at it. Bran is trying to exercise at least twice a week (swimming and frisbee), and he has already read 2 books so far in 2018.

What do all those goals mean? WE ARE SLEEPING!!! Well…we have been sleeping now for 2 weeks. (We can do ALOT with sleep.) Samuel just decided he likes his big boy bed and has stopped climbing in bed with Jonen all night. He just goes to sleep and doesn’t wake up until 6:30 am. I have to say that Brandon pulled off most of the sleeping miracles in our house, and this one is no exception. He is an amazing dad!

The boys are such blessings! We are really liking both of their schools.

I’ve been impressed with Jonen’s teachers. His art teacher is teaching the kiddos about amazing artists like Kehinde Wiley. (Jonen actually went to his exhibit a couple of years ago…not sure he remembers it though.) He already knows the difference between fiction and nonfiction. I’m just overall pleased with our decision to put him in the Mandarin Immersion program. Jonen’s buddies are Kellen, Vishal, Ryder, and Koa. We hear about those 4 boys ALL the time.

Samuel’s teachers just adore him. He is learning so much! He can point to all his body parts. If we mention the word shower or bath, he runs to the bathroom. We think his favorite color is blue…or he just likes to say it? We’re not sure. He was spinning around the room last night acting like figure skaters. He was trying really hard to jump and looked so proud of himself. He is also in the “mine” and “no” stage. It is pretty amusing to ask him questions to see what he will say “yes” to. He has another kiddo in his class who was also adopted. Samuel’s buddies are Arik, Christian, Oscar, and Sheveah.

Sleep and sunshine are two amazing things in life. I hope each of you get plenty of them this week.



Wednesday Musings

January 17, 2018

We had such a nice holiday season. We celebrated New Year’s with some friends with a count down to 7:00. Nana got stuck in Seattle due to the snow storm on the East Coast, so the boys got to spend lots of time with her. We took the kiddos to volunteer on MLK Day with some park restoration. It has been a good start to 2018.

Samuel – His love of buses runs deep. He now sleeps with books open to pictures of buses in his bed. He learned about Rosa Parks at school last week and couldn’t stop talking about buses to the teachers. He does very well with comprehension in English and Spanish. His main words are, bus, bird, mama, dada, bruh bruh, more and milk. He will also repeat “thank you” after Jonen says it. Sam Sam is such a cuddler! He loves to pull Bran or I by the pant leg to follow him to the couch or floor to read him a book (mostly books about buses or trucks).

Jonen – He is really getting in the groove of kindergarten. They had a poetry slam at school today, so Bran and I got to see him sing a song about MLK in English, Chinese and Spanish. It was adorable! He is pretty thoughtful and holds his feelings close. The only time he really likes to talk is right before bed. That is the time that I find out about his entire day. He has already learned 24 Chinese characters so far this year. His reading in English is getting pretty good, too. I’m realizing Jonen’s tenacity is helpful with school work.

Very, very proud of these boys!!

A Day in the Life

December 27, 2017

We have so many things going on that I haven’t had time to post. Since the last time I wrote; Bran and I celebrated our birthdays, we hosted Thanksgiving (aka Friendsgiving), took a trip to Houston, and celebrated a White Christmas. It has been amazing for Bran and I to take some time to just slow down with the boys. We have had almost two weeks together. It has been great to see their personalities shine and not have to constantly rush them to the next thing.

Some highlights for the boys:


Language skills – ba (which stands for bird or bus), Tra (truck), bye bye, Bruh Bruh (brother), poo poo (he tells us when he poops!), and then lots of other words that we are not quite sure what they mean.

Toys – He loves toys! He really loves trucks, bath toys, and stuffed animals. He wakes up and is always holding one of his “buddies”.

Samuel is so funny when he is eating! He likes his food arranged just so. He gets frustrated if we move anything on his tray.


Language skills – He now reads US a book every night. He is getting pretty good at writing his kanji for Mandarin class as well!

Toys – Jonen’s loves can be summed up by: space and star wars. He has never been a toy kid, but he loves his Christmas toys this year!

I really wish Bran and I were not both working full time. We got an InstaPot, so maybe that will give us more time together, right? I hope so! This feels like a very special time with the boys, and I just want to see them more.



Snapshot in the Life

November 15, 2017

Fall is here. We are definitely in a state of change. Samuel decided to sleep in our room for 7 weeks, and now all of the sudden he has decided to sleep in his and Jonen’s room. ALL NIGHT!!! We changed his bed into a big boy bed and he seems to like that a lot more than the crib. Yeah! This whole parenting thing just got MUCH easier. He is also trending on the healthy side after having a cold since he started preschool in September.

Jonen is rocking kindergarten right now. He brought home a book of all of his numbers and other common kanji in Chinese. (I had no idea they were doing that already.) He is also already doing addition and subtraction as well. (No other Seattle area kindergarten is doing this yet…we’ve asked around.) His English is also coming along nicely. This boy can count to 100 in 4 languages. Eek…what are we creating?!! He would say his favorite part of school is writing, math and recess. He says he is really good at catching a football. He had a fun soccer season and scored two goals in his last game. He preferred playing defense though.

Bran and I are about to celebrate another birthday together. Eek. Happy Thanksgiving all!



What are we doing well?

October 10, 2017

Being a parent is pretty hard sometimes. I was laying in bed after a 2:00 am wake up thinking about what is am I doing well in my life right now? I have to admit that my best thinking does not come at 2 am, and I could not think of one thing that I was doing well that week. Let me provide some context. Jonen has had a ROUGH transition to kindergarten. He regressed a bit in some areas that I won’t talk about on the Internet, but it took 3 whole weeks to normalize (tantrums, exhaustion…just horrible in every way). Samuel just will not sleep for more than 2 hours in his crib. I have resorted to sleeping with him in our bed, so I can actually get some sleep at night. (Tonight, I asked him if he was going to sleep in his crib. He shook his head no. I asked if he would sleep with mommy, and he shook his head yes.) As a result of a rough transition and no sleep, we ended up in the ER with Brandon. Bran was sick as a result of exhaustion and stress. I was worried about Samuel’s immunity, so I had to wash everything that might have touched Bran. Bran was also banished to the other room. So….this is when I had the 2 am wake up where I wondered what I was doing well as a human. Here is my list, so I can refer to it for future wake ups and rough times.

  • Our boys eat a great diet…like for real, and we get compliments from teachers and friends. (The Lindsey boys are good eaters.)
  • The boys love a dance party….like for real, my cousin thanked me for Jonen’s dancing at her wedding.
  • They say “itadakimasu” before every meal. It is basically, thank you for this food in Japanese. Samuel clapping his hands saying “masu” is kinda one of the cutest things ever.
  • Our bathrooms are completely done. There is no more water damage. They look pretty great, you are more than welcome to come over and visit. Samuel loves the  shower downstairs. He even climbed in fully clothed when Jonen was showering tonight. He loves water!
  • Jonen loves soccer and reading books. It seems like defense comes pretty naturally to him, and he actually enjoys it. He falls asleep looking at a book every night.
  • Samuel loves to climb and read books. He climbs up in the rocking chair with a book and just flips pages.
  • I’m training for a half marathon at the end of October, and I rocked a 10 mile run over the weekend. I only have time to really run once a week, and I’m much faster than I was 10 years ago when I ran my last 1/2 marathon. How did that happen?

That’s all I’ve got for right now. Hopefully, Bran and I will figure out some more wins for the upcoming month.

Our loves:


Fall is in the Air

September 14, 2017

There is definitely a crispness to the air now. I kinda love the coming of fall and the changing of the leaves. This fall has been a lot more change and excitement than necessary. My sister was almost flooded by Harvey, and then I watched the news as the eye of Irma passed over my dad’s house. Sam Sam’s birth mother had to evacuate as well. I just hope her house wasn’t flooded as well. Too many natural disasters in a very short time.

We also got a phone call one week prior to the start of kindergarten that Jonen got into the Mandarin immersion program at Beacon Hill. He had done Jump Start (half day kindergarten prep) at Thurgood, so we had to figure out if we should transfer him or not. The ultimate decider was getting to join the school with two of his closest friends, so we moved him. As you may know, Jonen is not good with change, so this week has been a challenge. He also started soccer, AND I signed him up for Japanese classes on Saturdays. We did this so he could hang with some of his Megumi buddies. Too much? Probably. He came up with the idea to create a sticker chart, where he gets stickers if he gets dressed and gets out the door on time without a tantrum. He gets to watch one Richard Scarry show for each sticker. Pretty proud of that one.

Our dearest Samuel, he is just so pleasant all day. He started his Spanish immersion preschool and is doing SUPER well. The teacher talks about how content he is all day. He is walking more now!! YEah! He can use a spoon and a fork. He loves yogurt so much, and his favorite food is definitely fruit. The teachers say he loves the food at school as well. (It looks really good.) We are pretty sure he is a leftie. He loves playing “catch” and always throws the ball with the left hand. The only problem is he wakes up all every two hours…crying and won’t calm himself down. I think it is because he is learning to walk and he is actually moving his legs like he is walking all night. We’re tired. We’ve had two nights of uninterrupted sleep in one month.

Let’s hope for some all the change to set in and settle at a new normal and for no more natural disasters aiming at our family.



NYC trip & Back to School

August 25, 2017

I can’t believe summer is almost over already! We had a very full summer. The boys will both be starting at new schools this fall. Samuel will go to his Spanish immersion preschool, and Jonen is at our neighborhood school. We’ve been prepping the boys for their transitions. Samuel got to go to Jonen’s preschool for 6 weeks, so he got used to being around lots of kiddos and transitioning to one nap a day. He loves it there and adjusted after a couple of weeks to the new routine. Jonen got to go to half day kindergarten this week. He was definitely nervous on Day 1 and seemed to have fun today.

We went to NYC a couple of weekends ago for my cousin’s wedding. It was really fun to see family and a new part of the world. The boys had a great time while we were there. Samuel did not do as well on the plane. He is in the strange sleep pattern now where he only wants to sleep while holding our hand or having us pat his back. It’s cute as he is going to sleep…it is rougher at 3 am when we are tired.

Samuel is soooo close to walking! He can hold onto one of our hands and walk pretty far. He said “Jo Jo” this am when he saw Jonen. Totally the highlight of my day.

Have a great weekend!