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Pictures that make me happy…enjoy!

May 28, 2017

Sam Sam’s one year stats:

  • 20 lbs 12 oz
  • 30″ long

Samuel Elias’ Resume at 1

May 20, 2017

First off, I have to tell a bit of my story, I have two sets of parents. I have birth parents and my parents I live with, both sets of these parents are “real”. It is strange when people ask who are my “real” parents, because they are all real people.

Having two sets of parents makes holidays a little bittersweet, and we try to honor my entire family on these special occasions. Like today, we’re having sushi because that is my birth mom’s favorite food. Some people might not understand our situation, but I think the most important thing to realize is that I am loved by lots of people.

Newly Acquired Skills:
Clapping (the first time was at Jonen’s tee ball practice), waving hello and goodbye, kissing the baby looking at me in the mirror or oven, cuddling with stuffed animals..saying words that sound like, “yeah”, “daddy” and “this”

Areas of Interest:
Traveling – I’m headed to Mexico soon! I’ve already had 2 cross country trips and one trip to Canada.
Throwing Food – I am really great at the food toss, especially when I am done eating.
People Watching – I check everyone out in a room. I make eye contact. I like to stay close to mom, dad or Jonen, but I love looking at new people.
Dancing – I am good at busting out my dance moves when a good song comes on the radio. I love Casper Babypants right now.


11 Months – What the what? How did that happen?

April 21, 2017

I thought I could just share a snapshot of the boys’ favorite things at the moment. My heart gets so full when I think of these amazing men in my life. You know the saying, “Nevertheless, she persisted.” I feel like that should a tagline on every single one of my kiddos’ pics. I worked my butt off to get here, and I’m loving it.


  • Food: oranges, mushrooms, eggplant, baked potato, sweet potato, mango, strawberries
  • Books: He LOVES books with flaps, especially the Karen Katz ones! Where’s Baby’s Belly Button is our go to at night right now. We have it in English and Spanish.
  • Toys: Duplos, balls (for chewing), stuffed animals to cuddle
  • Word: He says “Dada” all the time. Some days he will just go to the front door and say “dada” over and over.
  • Movement: He pulls himself up on everything and can now squat and sit back down. I get way too excited about this kind of stuff, but it is so cool to watch how kids master new skills. He also started pointing!! Mostly at bottles, but now to other stuff as well.


  • Food: He would tell you he likes everything. His go tos are still cucumbers and tomatoes. His favorite food at school is curry rice.
  • Books: What Do People Do All Day – Richard Scarry – Jonen reads this book every night and brings it into our room every morning. He LOVES it!!
  • Colors: Green and Blue
  • Toys: Teddy is his favorite stuffy (It is a teddy bear named Teddy…very original on our part). Jonen is Teddy’s dad and they live in a house in New Zealand that is on the beach and near the mountains. They have a large garden and it is always the opposite weather of Seattle. Very interesting home he has…I want to move in with them!
  • Subjects: Baseball, Space, Magic, Puzzles, Maps and anything Richard Scarry.
  • He can count to 10 in three languages. I just find this as a fun fact because we joked he could do this at one month. He was apparently teaching the other kids in his class how to count in Spanish.

Here we go..picture time…these are both from our day so far:

Quirks – Lindsey Family Style

April 13, 2017

We all have quirks and weird traits as families do.

Jonen has come up with some Lindsey Family Rules, which he tells us about sometimes. I don’t really know the origin of all of them. They are:

  1. No shoes in the house.
  2. No walking and eating at the same time. (This is from his preschool.)
  3. No jumping on the couch. (He will enforce this one with friends visiting.)
  4. You can only throw soft balls in the house.
  5. We give lots of cuddles when someone is sad.

I don’t mean to imply that our way of parenting is correct by any means, I have just come to the realization that I’m very firm in a couple of areas.I’m going to share some of ours here:

Me: I am a firm believer in no screen time until a kiddo is two and very limited time after that. I know how easy it is to just plop in front of a screen to make reality fade away, and I feel very strongly that should only be used in limited doses. It makes my life harder, since I have to come up with activities. Sometimes, I am the only parent giving my kiddos toys/crayons/coloring books instead of a phone or iPad. I forgot to write the funny story earlier! I used to make Jonen’s preschool take him to another classroom when they watched a short video after lunch. I just didn’t want him watching tv. Kinda silly in hindsight.

My other quirk? I love healthy food. Bran and I are constantly coming up with ways to add more veggies into our meals. I also don’t think kids need excess sugar. Our kids are just as happy with a mango as they are with ice cream. (Samuel has never actually had ice cream…) AND they don’t have to experience brain freeze and freak out. I see the impacts of diet on people, and I know if you are raised with healthy options, you generally feel better and are calmer. (This is coming from someone who only ate fried foods growing up!)

Jonen: He can read! The quirk here is that I think he has been able to read for a little while now, he just didn’t want to show us. He doesn’t like too much attention when he does something good. I taught him how to read though!! Pretty proud mama moment.

Samuel: He loves to crawl over a squeaky toy (like Sophie) and then lay on it so it squeaks. He kinda bounces on it to have it make noise. He likes to make kissing sounds as well. He loves to explore now and has made it to the top of the stairs. We have to help him learn how to get down the stairs now.

Brandon: Who teaches a 3 year old to bat left handed and throw right handed? This dad. Jonen is so confused when people ask if he is right or left handed. He is proud that he is like Robinson Cano though, so Bran did well.

Also? We are rocking it as Tee Ball coaches!! The kiddos kinda understand positions and they all ran to the correct bases in the first game. They seem to be having a good time. Go Cleveland Cubs!

Blackberry Blond – 10 months

March 23, 2017

10 months

If you know me, you know that I have never referred to myself as a red head. For some reason, this was something I reacted very negatively about as a child, so I have always referred to myself as strawberry blond or ginger. Well…Jonen loves calling himself strawberry blond as well and he has decided that Daddy and Samuel are blackberry blonds. I love his creativity. He has so many other funny sayings that we have now grown accustomed to them and don’t realize how silly they are.

Samuel is now on the move! He has been crawling like a pro for about a week. He is so much happier now that he can move forward. He kept getting stuck when he could only crawl backward. He is also communicating. He has done some baby sign language for food. He has his own sign for bottle, which is to stick his entire hand in his mouth and look you directly in the eyes. It’s pretty funny. He is getting much more interactive. He shakes his head no,”talks,” and gives kisses.

Jonen had his first tee ball practice last night with the Cleveland Cubs. I accidentally signed us up to co-coach, and I have to say that our first practice was pretty great. We worked with the kiddos on throwing and catching. There are 13 kids on the team. Jonen was so excited to tell us everything that happened even though we were there coaching. Samuel loved watching the big kids run around as well.

The boys in their happy places:

Sunshine – a 9 month old’s request

March 3, 2017

img_6051It has been a very soggy, snowy winter here. We are definitely ready for some sunshine. The boys are doing really well.

Brandon – He is still playing ultimate most weekends with some snowshoeing thrown into the mix. He has a weekly game night with the guys and is back to swimming and running as well. Sleep is amazing! He is planning a Jonen/Daddy Friday for some quality time. He gets Wednesdays with Samuel, so thought he would show Jonen some daddy love as well.

Jonen – He is a big brother extraordinaire. He is learning new words constantly, tremendous, ferocious,  and enormous are the latest. We started reading him the original Winnie the Pooh chapter book thinking he might be a bit young, but he LOVES it. He just laughs and laughs and sings the Tigger and Pooh songs. He even picked the book over his daily tv show once! His imagination is going full force and that is really fun to see what he likes to explore (mostly space, baseball, and airplanes). It is Hinnamatsuri (Girls Day), so Jonen is excited for the special food they get to eat at school. What else? We got him and Samuel passports, so we can go on some adventures in the future.

Samuel – He is such a blessing to the world. This child is so excited when one of us walk in the room. He starts waving his arms for me or Bran to pick him up. His new move is to pat me on the back each time I pick him up. He will crawl backwards if you put him on all fours. He will stand if you put him next to the couch. He doesn’t really care to do it on his own though. He is most content sitting next to a bin of toys and pulling each toy out and shoving it into his mouth. He now has 6 teeth! His favorite foods are roasted eggplant, avocados, cucumber, tomatoes and mango. He also loves a piece of bread. He is in the 50% percentile for height (29 inches) and weight (19 pounds 8 ounces). He is liking books more and more.

I am really enjoying my part time jobs. At one, I got to hear about the lives of students from China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and Indonesia. At the other, I organized a panel of doctors and city officials talk about what they are doing to help the opioid crisis. I feel like I’m doing good things for the world again. I’m really looking forward to some time with my kiddos and girlfriends this weekend.

Some pics:

A Wonderful Mess – 8 Months

January 24, 2017

I love my boys. Brandon, Jonen and Samuel are by far the best things that have ever happened to me, and I am so blessed that we are a family. Recently, I had a friend tell me that we seem perfect. I almost spit coffee out my nose. Believe me, we are FAR from perfect. Facebook, Instagram and even this blog are cherished moments that I really want to capture, but they do not fully show who we are as a family. Please realize that as you are swooning over how well some other family seems to be handling it all, they are only showing a snapshot of a much larger picture. The day to day can be challenging. Being a parent can be hard. Living far away from family can be hard. Cutting back on my workload to spend time with our kids has been a financial adjustment, and I could not imagine our life any other way. I will highlight some of our low points below, just so you can realize how amazingly human we are.

Last week, we were sick. Samuel and I definitely had the flu. Luckily, Jonen and Brandon had a milder version. I could barely function, and I’m still not 100%. Each day all I could think of was to make sure to make and clean bottles for Samuel. I had no appetite, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t stop coughing…it was HORRIBLE! We couldn’t leave the house for 5 days. We didn’t even have the strength to develop cabin fever. Being sick sucked and now I have some laundry to do.

Some of our funnier low points:

  • Samuel figured out how to pull my shirt out and spit up down my shirt. He did this three days in a row earlier in the week.
  • Jonen learned how to take off his own diaper when he was a year old. I put him down with JUST a diaper on one warm summer day. After his nap, I realized he had spread poop all around his crib. After that incident, I always put pants on him during nap.
  • Jonen rarely gets sick, but one time he came home from school early with a stomach bug. I had the reflexes to catch Jonen’s puke rather than have it end up all over the carpet.
  • Getting out the door in the morning by 8…ha ha. That is always funny.

Some of our fun points over the past month:

  • Samuel got to see snow for the first time. (We have so many pics!! I would have to share our google album.)
  • Jonen went skiing for the first time. (Again…lots of pics.)
  • The boys are sleeping in the same room! We put them down at the same time and we have now had at least 2 maybe even 3 full nights of sleep. (No pics needed…pure bliss. Thanks for the hedgehog, Dad! It is working!!)
  • Samuel “talks” now with using ba, ma, and la sounds. He also twirls his wrists when he wants to be picked up.
  • Jonen has made up a language that he calls “Spanish”. It sounds very much like Japanese. He says something in his language and then asks us what it means. For some reason, this is so irritating to me. Bran finds it amusing.

Basically, we’re humans with lots of love for one another. I’m loving my Jonen, Samuel and Mama days. I especially love nap time. Ha ha!!

Just a couple of pics this month: